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2-Year Multiple Entry F Visa is issued to aliens who meet the requirements and need to travel to China frequently for business, academic, scientific or technological exchanges. 

Documents to be included with application:
  1. Valid Passport

    Your valid & actual passport. The passport must have at least 2 year validation left before expiration and at least 2 blank visa pages left in it. A photocopy of the passport's information page (the page with photo) is also required.

  2. Visa Application Form

    Please download and complete online the Visa Application Form print and sign it. One form per applicant.
    Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China" (Form V.2011B)
  3. Photo

    Please provide one 2" x 2" passport type photo for each applicant  (black & white or color is acceptable).
  4. CCC Order Form

    Please download and complete online the CCC Visa Service Order Form, print and sign it. one form per shipping address.
  5. Evidence of applicant's previous visits to China

    Such as a photocopy of the most recent Chinese visa.
  6. Processing Fees

    We accept personal check, money order. Please make your check or money order payable to Chinese Civic Center.
    Processing fee and time:
    Validity Duration
    of Stay
    Multiple 6 Months 30-90 Days (10- 12) Work Days $140 $30*

*1. Processing time means the time it takes for the Chinese Consulate to process your visa. Time to ship your application to and from CCC is extra.

*2. If you are submitting multiple applications, you need to pay only one FedEx Fee if all passports are returned to the same address. For ten or more passports, the FedEx fee is $35.

*3. Applications for rush service must be received by 10:00AM. You must therefore use the morning delivery services of FedEx, UPS or DHL only.

*4. Applications for regular and express services must be received by 12:30PM to be processed on the same day it was received. Applications received after 12:30PM will be processed the next business day.

*5.To apply for a 2-Year Multiple Entry (F) Visa, the applicant shall meet the following requirements:

 (A)The applicant holds an academic title of associate professor or above at a U.S. institution of higher learning or research. He must also be a guest professor or in other long-term position at a Chinese institution of higher learning or research. Original and a photocopy of the credentials from both the U.S. and Chinese institutions are required. The original credentials will be returned after comparison with the copy.

(B)The applicant has investment in China. Original and a photocopy of the Business License under the applicant's name are required. The original license will be returned after comparison with the copy.

(C)The applicant holds a senior technical or management position in a US company who has its subsidiary in China. An invitation from the subsidiary in China and a cover letter from the parent US company are required. Cover letter must include applicant's position and purpose of visiting China. Both the invitation and the cover letter must be typed under the company's official letterhead and bear the company seal or signature of the manger in charge.

Please choose "multiple" on Question 14 of the visa application form and put "2 Years" beside your choice.

*6. If the visa application form is not filled out completely, correctly and legibly, this can cause a delay in processing or the refusal of the requested visa.

Additional information

  • The Validity, Duration of Stay, and Number of Entries of the visa is issued at the discretion of the Consular Officers, whose decisions are based on the laws and regulations of China. The Consular Officers have the authority to refuse any visa applications inconsistent with Chinese laws and regulations, or revoke issued visas

Please send all documents (Valid Passport, Visa Application Form, Photo, Evidence of applicant's previous visits to China, CCC Order Form, and Processing Fees) through FedEx, UPS, DHL, Express Mail or Certified Mail to the address below:

Chinese Civic Center
Visa and Passport Services
5905 Sovereign Dr.
Houston, TX 77036

***No Mail Pick-up Service

If you need any assistance, please contact us at:

Cell: 281-690-1143
Phone: 713-772-1133
Fax: 713-772-1399



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